in total in operating area, including store kvalfjord, there


in total in operating area, including store kvalfjord, there

Mai 31, 2014
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Nov 21 (Reuters) Norway Royal Salmon Asa :farming operations in region north has suspicion of fish disease ISA at pollen site and at lille kvalfjord site in finnmark, which are neighboring sites to and have joint operations with store kvalfjord total in operating area, including store kvalfjord, there are 1.4 million fish with an average weight of about 3 kilograms.has received confirmation of ISA at store kvalfjord site. Consequences of a possible disease detection are still difficult to estimate, and we will come back to consequences.Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017Norway Royal Salmon Asa : Q4 operational ebit nok 101 million (Reuters poll nok 112 million). Q4 revenues nok 1.18 billion (nok Reuters poll 1.19 billion).

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